Analysis methods (Day 1, 5th Dec)

Methods 1:
Christian Beckmann, Oxford Univ.
Mark Lowe, Cleveland Clinic
Christian Habeck, Columbia Univ.
Vinod Mennon, Stanford Univ.

Methods 2:
Stephen Strother, Rotman Research Institute
Anna Barnes, Cambridge Univ.
Gustavo Deco, Univ. Barcelona
"Novel visualization methods in connectivity" 

Shella Keilholz, Georgia Tech

Methods 3:
"Fractal connectivity of long-memory networks using wavelet analysis" 

Sophie Achard, Univ. Grenoble
"A General Framework to Investigate Functional Interactions in the Brain?"

Guillaume Marrelec, Univ. Paris
Stephen LaConte, Rice Univ.
David Meunier, Cambridge Univ.

Discussion pannel (chairs):
Stephen Strother, Rotman Research Institute
Barry Horwitz, National Institutes of Health


Physics/Physiology (Day 2, 6th Dec)
Physio 1:
"Super-Gaussian statistics of resting state cortex: Evidence and implications"

Michael Breakspear, Australia
Petra Ritter, Berlin
"Mapping an ABC of spontaneous neuronal oscillations"

Helmut Laufs, Univ. Frankfurt
'Functional connectivity at different levels of consciousness'
Silvina Horovitz, National Institutes of Health

Physio 2:
Chris Pawela, Medical College of Wisconsin
"Resting-state connectivity: Physiological investigations and manipulations"
Scott Peltier, Univ. of Michigan 
Hanbing Lu, National Institutes of Health

Physio 3:
Rasmus Birn, National Institutes of Health
"Investigation of resting state connectivity with SEM
and Granger Causality Analysis" 

Xiaoping Hu, Georgia Tech/Emory
Bharat Biswal, UMDNJ

Physio 4:
Fahmeed Hyder, Yale Univ.
Spatial extent of correlation between spontaneous fluctuations in neurophysiological activity and fMRI signal in monkey V1
Amir Shmuel, Montreal Neurological Institute

Using local electrophysiological signals to map endogenous fMRI fluctuations in the brain.

David Leopold, National Institutes of Health

Young Ro Kim, Massachusets General Hospital

Martin Walter, Univ. Magdeburg

Discussion pannel (chairs)
Arno Villringer, Berlin
James Hyde, Medical College of Wisconsin

Applications (Day 3, 7th Dec):

Application 1:
"Intrinsic brain activity in the infant brain"

Peter Fransson, Karolinska Institute.
Michelle Hampson, Yale Univ.
Stan Colcombe, Univ. Bangor, Wales
Damian Fair, Yale Univ.
Jessica Damoiseaux, Stanford Univ.

Application 2:
Michael Milham, NYU/NKI
Rolf Kotter, Nijmegen 

"The relation of ongoing and evoked activity in the human brain".
Andreas Kleinschmidt, INSERM. 

"fcMRI Application in Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease". 

Shi Jiang Li, Medical College of Wisconsin

Application 3:
Bart Rypma, Univ. of Texas at Dallas
Daniel Marguliess, Berlin
Steven Petersen, Washington Univ.
Clare Kelly, New York Univ.

Discussion pannel (chairs):
Rolf Kotter, Univ. Nijmegen
Steven Petersen, Washington Univ.